PagesCoverPages (2003, Har­vest Hop Musik 001). Tat­too on My Heart, Long Dis­tance Run­ner, Put the Baby Down, Dog Faced Boys, All I Know, Talk to Me, I Made My Baby Cry, SOS, No More Bombs,Who Do You Dream Of, Every Day Above Ground, No New Love. All music and words by Mark Kre­itzer. All instru­ments and vocals by Mark Kreitzer

The song Put The Baby Down also appears on OasisAcoustic / Vol­ume 45 / An Essen­tial Library for the Acoustic D.J. (2003 no label).

with The Mark Kre­itzer Band: The Mark Kre­itzer Band

with The Mid­dle Spunk Creek Boys

Hand-Stitched (1998, MBOTMA CD 9801, pro­duced by the Min­nesota Blue­grass and Old Time Music Association.

If You Leave Me, Alan Jes­per­sonn (gui­tar), Jerry Flynn (bass), Bruce Jaeger (man­dolin), Mark Kre­itzer (man­dola and fiddle).

(Also: Mark Kre­itzer guest fid­dle with Blue­grass, Inc. “Bet­ter Luck Next Time,” guest man­dolin with Urban Renewal “How High The Moon”)

No One Else (1999, MSCB003). When You Look at Me that Way, Time and Time Again*, Seek­ing a Far Off Home, Cut­ting Edge to Nowhere*, Red Danc­ing Shoes, Dark Day, A Long Time to Love*,Com­ing Home to You, Gar­de­nia*, A Life­time Shared*, My Luck has Changed*, Don’t Laugh,There’s No One Else (*by Mark Kre­itzer) Alan Jes­per­son (gui­tar), Jerry Flynn (bass), Bruce Jaeger (man­dolin), Mark Kre­itzer (man­dola, fid­dle, banjo, guitar).

Table for One (2000, Okey-Dokey MSCB004). Lit­tle Willie’s Return*, Girl of My Dreams, Our Hearts Beat in 3/4 Time*, He Died Alone*, The Erlk­ing, Tell Me Some­thing*, Roll On John, Spirit Island, Table for One*, Over in the Glory Land, Luther and Angie*, When the Roses Bloom*, Pic­ture on the Wall*, Right Way to Say Good­bye.* (* by Mark Kre­itzer). Alan Jes­per­son (gui­tar), Jerry Flynn (bass), Bruce Jaeger (man­dolin), Mark Kre­itzer (man­dola, fid­dle, banjo, gui­tar, 5-string Dobro), spe­cial guest Robin White­bird (bodhrain).

The song Table For One also appears on OasisAcoustic / Vol­ume 28 / The Essen­tial Library for the Acoustic D.J. (2000 no label).

A House of Gold (2002, Okey-Dokey MSCB005). Preachin’ to Myself, I’ll Meet You In The Morn­ing, Come On Lit­tle Chil­dren, God Put a Rain­bow In the Clouds, Beyond the Gate, Going Up, I’ll Wear the Ban­ner, Alone With the Lord, Over in the Glory Land, Seek­ing a Far Off Home, Where the Soul Never Dies, A House of Gold.

With Other Bands

Red Wil­low Band / self-titled (Lost Records, 1976). Re-released on Red Wil­low Band / Way Back When, A Compilation,(#rwbcd 1). Fid­dle: Very Old Friend — Re-released on Way Back When A Com­pi­la­tion (Lost Records, 1999 rwbcd1)

Lib­erty Prairie / self-titled (no label 1984) Fid­dle, vocals, all cuts. I Know You Care writ­ten by Mark Kreitzer.

Wis­con­sin River Blue­grass Boys / Gospel (no label 1987). Fid­dle, gui­tar, vocals

Wis­con­sin River Blue­grass Boys / Hilton Hoe­down (1988 No Label). Fid­dle, man­dolin, bass, bari­tone vocals:

Har­mo­nious Wail / Air­borne (1993, Buf­fle­head record­ings, BUFF80239). Rhythm gui­tar:After You’ve Gone.

Art Black­burn and Sandi Scott (1996 Sloppy Bob’s Music 1208–96). Man­dolin: You’ll Get No More Of Me, The Cyclone of Rye Cove, Home.

Urban Renewal Blue­grass (2000 CD No Label). Mandolin

The Bis­todeau Fam­ily Band (2003 No Label). Man­dolin, gui­tars, and Banjo.

The Clear­wa­ter Hot Club / Sammo (2003 No Label). Rhythm guitar

Tim Gustafson and friends / Turn It Around (2004 Gypsy Dog Music 002)l Vio­lin: We Could Go To Den­mark, Home­ward.

Sam Miltich & The Clear­wa­ter Hot Club / May Rain (2004 No Label). Rhythm Gui­tar: Je Suis Seul Ce Soir, May Rain, Indif­fer­ence, J’attendrai, Reci­eta de Samba, Tears, Douce Ambi­ence,La Bossa du Grand Marais. Vio­lin: I Found A New Baby, Estate.

The Holker Sis­ters (2004 No Label). Fid­dle, gui­tar, man­dolin, and dobro.

Phil Nus­baum / Tra­di­tional and Con­tem­po­rary (2004 No Label). Man­dolin: Let It Ride.

Mary LaPlant / Out Of Nowhere (2004 No Label). Gui­tar: The House Car­pen­ter, Run­away Fid­dle, Out Of Nowhere, What Won­der­ous Love Is This, Ostinelli’s Reel, White­horse Break­down,Some­where Over the Rain­bow. Man­dolin: The House Car­pen­ter, Ostinelli’s Reel.

Con­nie Eving­son / Gypsy in My Soul (2004 Min­nehaha Music MM2006). Rhythm gui­tar:I’m Con­fessin’, Nuages. Man­dolin: The Lonely One.

Hon­ey­suckle Rose (2006 Self-Titled No Label). Rhythm Gui­tar: Hon­ey­suckle Rose, Autumn Leaves, Swing Gitane, Trou­blant Bolero, and Unde­cided.

Stu­art D’Rozario / Songs About Now (Self-Release songsaboutnow.net 2006). Mandolin

Songs Recorded by Others

Put The Baby Down, recorded by Joe Carr and Alan Munde / Windy Days and Dusty Skies (1995 Fly­ing Fish 70644)

Time and Time Again and When The Roses Bloom, recorded by The Spare­Time Blue­grass Band / and the thing about it was (1996 no label).

If You Leave Me, recorded by Becky Schlegel and True Blue / This Lone­some Song (2000 no label).

Put the Baby Down, recorded by The Fish Heads / Tales From the Dock­side (2004 No Label).

If You Leave Me, recorded by Becky Schlegel / Heartaches (2008 Lilly Ray Records 801).