The Tao of Teaching

IMG_9621One of the best books I read about teaching is “The Tao Of Teaching” by Greta Nagel. A very short, incomplete take on it is that students basically know what they need to know/are working toward what they need to know/or maybe even know what they need to know. The teacher’s job is help/allow the student to find the way. Often, in fact, the teacher’s job is to get *out* of the student’s way! I tend to try and explain everything in quite a bit of detail, but many people can’t *stand* to have things explained to them – they’d rather watch what I do, then try it themselves. Or maybe they learn best by talking about what they’re learning, and so after I say what I’d like them to do, they need to repeat it in their own words in order to learn it. Do you have any memories of teachers who helped in unexpected, non-traditional ways? How do you like to learn? How do you help students who have different learning styles than you do?

  • Ann

    Educare, the root of educator/education, means to draw out, which assumes that the learner already has the ability or knowledge to do but needs some guidance to accomplish the task. Teachers then need to learn each student’s best learning style and “teach” to that. I think most students like to explore and discover how to do things themselves but need some guidance and suggestions re how to make things better or easier.

    • Sorry I missed this! I totally agree, Ann. Thanks for the comment!