Welcome to My Teaching Blog

IMG_9607Here’s my first blog about teaching! I’ve been teaching since about 1970, when I taught guitar at William’s Music in Sioux Falls, SD as a high school student. Since then, I’ve also taught German, French and English at the High School and College levels, as well as continuing to teach music. I have since included teaching songwriting, clawhammer and bluegrass banjo, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, fiddle, dobro, bass and ukulele. I’ve also given workshops on harmony singing and arranging. I’m interested in sharing some of my techniques and things I’ve learned over the years which I find useful and helpful, and I’d love to hear from you about your challenges, successes, questions, etc about teaching and working with teachers.

  • Big Juke

    Hey Mark, Great site and music too. I am ready for lessons. Guitar and Mando… or just plain musicality. I can find you a gig with in Duluth, when you’re available. Of course you may have to play with me…

    • Hi Mark – thanks! I’d *love* to come up and play/do a lesson – do you have a time in mind?

  • Lena

    Hi Mark, were your parents music teachers in Sioux Falls? My junior high school teacher had the same last name and I absolutely adored the man. His wife was also a teacher, though not one of mine.

    • Lena

      Sorry, I have forgotten…his wife WAS one of my teachers…chorus…..she taught us many classics.