About Mark

Mark KreitzerMark has been playing music on stage since almost before there were two Germanys! He has played in Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Traditional Jazz and Gypsy Jazz bands, as well as being involved in theatrical and classical music. An accomplished performer on more than a handful of instruments, Mark also is a prolific songwriter, recently writing for a musical adaptation of Mark Twain’s Life On The Mississippi. Although he has played across the country and overseas, his favorite audience is always the one he’s playing for now! And if you’d like to learn how he does it, you can take lessons from him! Mark has been a professional educator since 1988, and currently teaches at Carleton College, as well as leads workshops at festivals and camps around the upper Midwest. He’s also currently working on a music theory book for folk and bluegrass musicians. Please let Mark know if you have any burning questions!