MKB-SeaSaltThe ’53 Swingbillies had a great weekend, first playing for a wedding, then outdoors at Sea Salt Eatery in the fabulous Minnehaha Falls Park here in Minneapolis. The wedding was great fun – we learned a couple of Beatles songs, and the couple wanted us to play some bluegrass from the Mark Kreitzer Band repertoire. It was our most diverse gig musically speaking in quite some time, and felt great! We had everyone out dancing, and even were able to cover a couple of requests, thanks to the internet’s lyric searching abilities! Dean Harrington, from the Mill City Hot Club, asked us to host the Sunday evening show at Sea Salt, and I agreed, so long as he joined us – and it, too, was a blast! We pushed Dean a bit by playing some bluegrass, but he tore it up. We’re all hoping we can figure out a way to gig more often with Dean on the stand!